Is Your Organization Mobile Ready?

While mobile app use has skyrocketed in recent years, the effectiveness of websites and email as communication tools has decreased dramatically. It's not a matter of if you need a mobile application to communicate with your audience, but what it should contain? With over ten years of experience in developing mobile applications, we not only have the technology to create cutting-edge applications but the experience to help you most effectively use it to communicate with your audience. Our application platform is always being redesigned and updated to meet the needs of our customers based upon the usage data.



With over ten years of experience in developing mobile applications for medical associations, we have a wide variety of options already available for your custom application; from CME tracking, to educational training, customer news, events calendars and much more. We are always updating and adding new features based upon customer and user feedback and analytics.



Allow your mobile application to work for you. Stay in constant contact with your members and grow a marketable application in which vendors can reach your highly sought after user base. Your application is a perfect means for your partners to be in contact with a target rich group by providing training opportunities. We have the ability to provide training modules in video or print format to your members which your partners will find very valuable. Many partners would love the opportunity to sponsor your application or a component within it.



While we have a wide variety of capabilities already built into our applications, we are always updating and adding new features. We work with our partners in order to make sure we are providing what they need. Most of our customers have very similar needs and therefore we are able to leverage the development costs most effectively. If you have a specific need, we can take care of that and share code that can help offset some of the development. It is always our goal to provide what our customers need in the most economical way possible.